Drag And Drop ERROR Audio Comp

Hi guys just got my CenDyne (Lite-On LTR-40125s) from Office Max
$119 and $40 REBATE and orded on-line (free shipping) plus
$25 with e-coupon (0540)… Total $54 First thing first updated firmware to ZSOJ which gave me Mount Rainier! Now for my problem. When I try to make a Audio Compilation with Nero 5572
drag and drop CDA files ERROR… "Unfortunately Nero does not support drag&drop of audio tracks for this input device. Please use the menu command 'savetrack " with my TDK 121032 drive as source.
This does NOT happen with my DVD-ROM, which drags and drops
with NO problem. At Nero.com help page it sates that another
ERROR causes that ERROR???

Any suggestions