Drag and drop burning


i’m looking for some specific burning software. What I would like, is software, which creates some icon on desktop, and you can drop files on it - they get added to compilation. then you just click burn somewhere, and off they go. Closes to this is DropToCD, but when you drop file on it’s icon it opens Drop Zone, and that is inconvenient for me.

Oh, and I don’t want any packet writing stuff…

anybody got any ideas?

Not exactly the process you describe, but you can drop files to a folder and then burn the folder with VSO CopyToDVD “right click” feature.

that’s close… but still, i’d prefer to have it the way i described…

You’ll want to look at B’s recorder gold 7…not the basic. It’s called shellgate there.
8 doesn’t have this function yet.


Enable Windows XP burning capabilities, I believe it will do what you want. IT will warn you about files to burn before you shut done and give you the option.

Shellgate looks like DropToCD and isnt what I want…

I thought about windows built in burning, but it doesnt support DVD burning, right?

to be honest, i’m not sure I tried the option one time when XP first came out, it’s been disabled ever since. Just never gave it another thought.

I just enabled it for the helluva it, I had to make sure it chose the dvdr by default, I just don’t have enough files to give it a shot. All you do is right click the file you want to write to cd and then right click and then send to, it will then cache the file and stick an icon in the lower right hand corner of the taskbar. Whether or not it will handle dvd’s?

Try Easy Media Creator 7.5. Besides that is a very good suite.Drag to disc works flawlessly. I really like this feature because you can both do it on CDR/DVDR or CDRW/DVDW.

Drag-to-Disc and InCD are both packet writing apps…

ShellGate is NOT drag to Disc. It isn’t a packet writing software. You drag the files you want to the icon then click the burn button under it. It then burns the cd using the b’s recorder engine.

You can also use copytodvd 3, just use the depot feature, it does support dvd.

Yes, but Shellgate needs to be running first - i’d like to be able to drop on desktop icon, instead of starting some app first, and then dropping on it…

With xp windows cd making you will need to verify your data afterwards with some utility. I have had problems in the past with it. Although most of the time it was ok.

Unsure about DVD writing with in windows burner. But can be made to drop to a folder then click on its icon to burn to cd.