Dr. Horrible's Sing a long Blog



For anyone who likes Joss Whedon’s work, there is a new, low budget musical on the net that is hilarious. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog.
http://www.drhorrible.com/ Free to watch.

The first two episodes are up now, and its getting better as it goes.
What fun. :slight_smile:


very, very cool. thanks for the link


Dang, the ending was really sad. Didn’t see that one coming.

Very effective scene right at the end…just a second or two of the Dr. at his blog, who has achieved what he wanted, but the cost was too dear.


Thanks, he always seems to like to throw a wrench, or maybe a hammer, into things just when you think you got it figured out.


Well i will give anything a look or a listen but this was just way to corny for me :\


I’d say the whole corniness thing is what they were going for, kinda like the original Batman TV show.
Joss whedon or however he spells it loves to do some weird stuff and break the rules and just have fun poking at the establishment while he does it.


yeah i was never a fan of his.