Dr Dre makes Napster block 239,612 users



I just posted the article Dr Dre makes Napster block 239,612 users.

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Rap artist Dr. Dre today gave the company a list of 239,612 usernames of people he says have illegally made his songs available online. He…

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what the hell is this ,is everyboddy going insane,furst metallica and now dr dre i’am a big fan of dr dre but this is so fustrated,looks like everyboddy is going to bane his fans , i think that this is not good , not good for dre and not good for the many fans ,just like metalica who has lost manny fans trou to the fact that they banned them


I cant believe dre he steals other samples and loops and wont let us do it, how about write somethin on your own without repeating the same words over and over


This guy is crazy.
Who want his music


forget about the dre to speak whit his own words heheheh…
think hes smoking too much chronic... -= lives a bitch so fuck her hard =-


He’s a sucker.
I saw him in the best song ever: Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff.
But if they’re friends, how is it possible that Biz Limpkit supports Napster & Dree kicks their users??



It’s just the mega rich pop music indusry “stars” complaing. These people should lower the price of their CDs. They CAN afford it. It’s not that they are losing money, its that they aren’t as much.
Metallica’s new single is formula pop specially designed to make money. It is not art. We are the consumers and we are the ones in charge here. We made the likes of them rich and now we want a little respect. I would like to see what they will do with Gnutella. The Genie is out of the Bottle!!!


Personally, I think you can’t sue Napster for providing a service. It’s not the company who give you the “illegal” MP3’s, but the users. This is like sueing the General Motors because some people exceed the speedlimits…

Dr. Dree, to keep it in your langauge: “Shut the fuck up!”


Metallica was a good heavy no bullshit hardrock band. Now they have turned into a commercial, money-hungry pussy band. So to say it in their words 'i’ve got something to say, Metallica lost another fan today!!!