DQ60 not supported in CD-DVDSpeed 4.51.1

I have a DQ60/MREC that gets an error message of “drive does not support this function” in Nero CD-DVDSpeed 4.0 and 4.51.1 when I try to run a disc quality scan. Anyone have similar problems or a fix for this issue? The drive is ‘seen’ in the Nero drive menu window and is the only ODD on this system and is attached at P-M, nothing on P-S. The drive burns fine as I have just burnt the first 9 discs ever with this drive and they completed successfully. The discs are FujiFilm TY 8X+R T02’s. TIA

Panasonic chip = no scans!

ouch…that sucks! Guess I should have done more research before trusting the BenQ name due to my much-loved 1620’s. :sad: . Thanks for the speedy reply Cressida

The good news is that you are burning the only disc I know that probably never needs scanning.

No such disc exists - at least not available to the public. :wink:

Regardless of how much you may love Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T02) media, you can definitely get bad burns on these on rare occasions - coasters even!

But it’s hard to name a single type of disc that is better supported or that produces fewer bad burns.


I choose my words carefully.


Not carefully enough! :bigsmile:

Come on! Get real. [I][B]“Probably never”[/B][/I]. Don’t separate the words and change the meaning.

chas0039 wording is right so no need to push, DrageMester. :wink:

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I didn’t intend to be offensive with my comments.

I guess I sometimes get a little nit-picky and that can be annoying to some.

chas0039, I apologize if my comments offended you! :o :flower:

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