dPoweramp CD ripper



I downloaded the trial version & have been experimenting with it, I have started re ripping some of my CD collection, I read through the guide, & played with the settings a little bit. It has different symbols for how each track ripped. I read about the various symbols, & sometimes the songs rip with errors. I know it is inevitable, with a lot of CDs in various conditions that some will have scuffs & scratches. I would like to know before I consider buying & registering this software whether I can count on it to do a better job at ripping than itunes or windows media player. I like its simpler interface from exact audio copy. Also what stood out was it ripped in a “secure mode” as opposed to just a burst mode that I have read itunes uses, and the fact that it uses LAME encoding which from my research for a reliable quality media ripper is a superior encoding method. I kept coming across this term online.

But what about some of those CDs that come up with songs that ripped “insecurely” with errors? does this mean the program did a sloppy job of ripping? did it do more to fix these errors than itunes would have with the same CD & songs? does it mean the ripped album is unplayable? I am not quite sure what to do with these albums with errors, it would be a bit expensive to try & replace all the CDs that come up with errors. I am doing about 300+, because I wanted to be sure I get good rips, with a superior encoding of LAME.

If I want a program that rips sloppily or with errors, I will just use itunes or windows media player for free.


I’m not familiar with dB Poweramp, but almost any ripper is probably better than iTunes or WMP. If you want to use LAME and want error correction take a look at CDEx. I’ve been using it for years and have no complaint.


For most, CDex works just fine as suggested…For those that are a**l (for lack of a better term) with achieving best [I]possible[/I] results, using rippers such as EAC or dBpowerAmp for secure Accurate rips [I]is[/I] a must…
EAC and DBPA [I]will[/I] do there best to rip and re-rip if necessary for best results, and in some cases fix the errors if any…Makes sense especially when ripping scratched discs…
So, to answer your question, yes DBPA is worth the $ (IMO) if your goal is secure Accurate rips and it’s multi converting options…
Else EAC for free, or even Cdex is what I would recommend…