DPM function works with 48125W!

I’ve tried the “Data Position Measurement” at various speeds (for the people who doesn’t know it’s speed is independent from the reading speed of the image!!) and with some cds using Liteon 48125W VS08 fw(unfortunately I don’t have any Securom NEW protected disk) and here are the results:

maximum speed: Doesn’t work
48x: Doesn’t work
40x: Doesn’t work
36x: Works!
32x: Works!
24x: Works!
16x: Doesn’t work
8x: Doesn’t work
4x: Doesn’t work
2x: Doesn’t work! (hangs at the beginning)
1x: Didn’t tested

So it seems that it works at 36x, 32x and 24x speed, which is good.
I’m waiting for other confirmations (maybe with a Securom NEW game!!)
Hope it helps!