Dpg settings



Where can i find the proper dpg file settings? It seems when i convert from dvdfab the sound is very low that i have to use the headphones to listen to the audio and the picture does not fit the screen size. I tried to search for some info on dpg settings but was unable to find anything.


what do you mean by dpg?:confused:


This is the NDS for Nintendo.
Have you checked the conversion settings? Audio should be at 100%.


If you double click the music note you can change the audio to a value higher than 100%. I used 200% and I don’t need to use the headphones.


There is another option if you use the moonshell software to play the DPG files on your NDS. You can change the default settings of moonshell, editing the moonshel configuration file and replacing the file in the [I][B]moonshl[/B][/I] directory in your SD Memory card. The default parameter is SoundVolume=16, and you can change it to another value, like:
[U]SoundVolume = 0[/U] ==> Mute
[U]SoundVolume = 1[/U] ==> 6%
[U]SoundVolume = 16[/U] ==> 100%
[U]SoundVolume = 32[/U] ==> 200%
[U]SoundVolume = 64[/U] ==> 400% (This is the maximum value)