DoxBox on Dreamcast?

About a month ago, I came across an app for the Dreamcast that was basically allowed you to run the WinCE operating system on the Dreamcast. It said that you can run WinCE apps on it. I hadn’t thought much of it because it said that you need a Dreamcast mouse and keyboard to use it, and I don’t have either. I put some thought into it and then came to the realization that if you can put apps on it, couldn’t you run DosBox? :smiley: I have no idea how well this copy of WinCE works, but I thought of another conceivable way. I remember reading about a port of Linux to the Dreamcast that was supposed to be pretty far in development and pretty stable. Couldn’t you run DosBox off of this? Couldn’t you also run a copy of the Linux ScummVm (rather than the WinCE one already available for Dreamcast) off of this? I believe that the Linux version has support for more games and allows for more user control in the options menu.

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couldn’t you run DosBox?
I think you need at least a keyboard for dosbox, don’t you think?

According to the DosBox homepage they only made dosbox for:

Windows 0.73 Win32 installer
Gentoo Linux 0.73 portage
Source 0.73 Source
Mac OS X 0.73 dmg (Universal)
Solaris 10 - sparc 0.73 pkg
FreeBSD package 0.72 TBZ
Fedora Core 0.72 rpm
OS/2 0.72 exe (OS2)
BeOS 0.63 binary (x86)
Risc OS 0.63 zip

But i think you’re in luck, it seems someone already made it for the dreamcast!

Well actually, I found a very rare version called DosBox DC. It was made as a small project back in 2005. There’s virtually no information on it. Last night, I decided to try my luck with it and burn Windows 3.1 to it. After all, it really would be a kick. Anyway, I got to the Windows setup screen, but could not advance because I don’t have a keyboard. I just may have to get one off of Ebay. :slight_smile:

Found a DC Keyboard for $13.