Downtime 16.02.2006 and Server too busy

Today we have been attempting to upgrade our servers again, unfortunately this attempt failed. Together with our technicians we have decided late in the evening to quit the attempts and make sure our current setup remains working. They will try to find out what went wrong and make sure we are prepared for a new attempt which will probably be within two weeks.

Our server upgrade will give us much more power as we switch from one MySQL server to two and from 2 HTTP servers to five. This will be done by running both HTTP and MySQL (instead of a current single dedicated MySQL server) on two new dual Xeon machines which we have recently purchased and adding HTTP serving capabilities to our current dedicated mail server.

Unfortunately synchronizing of files and databases seem to be troublesome on our current configuration and are the cause of the delay. Until this upgrade server too busy errors will most likely continue to persist.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we are working hard to get these problems resolved to bring you a faster and more pleasant CD Freaks experience.

Bummer, But woot!

I’m guessing this upgrade will be an order of magnitude faster than the current setup!


Good luck to the I.T. Guys!

I guess from the time delay of last posts that the website has been unreachable for more than 10 hours… am i right?


yes, seemed like this…

Hehe, I just this minute logged on, and noticed this too :eek: …luckily, I was catching Zzzz’s for the night. :bigsmile:

luckily, I was catching Zzzz’s for the night.

Same here too, lol :wink: