Downside to this

I am in the market for an external hard drive. My two options are:


This enclosure and an $80 hard drive. Total cost $100.

  1. The Western Digital WD $150

The western digital will be $50 more, but it will have features like a sleep mode that I believe the enclosure system will not have. I guess this will save wear and tear on the drive. The WD will also come with software, but I don’t think that is real important to me.

Are their any other issues I am not thinking about?

defintly go with #1 , its a better value as nearly all one-piece external hard drives have only 1yr warranty,some have 2 but thats kinda rare , if youll buy the hard drive in seperate then youll have at least 3yrs warranty (or better yet 5,if youll get a seagate one) , also its usally cheaper to get em in seperate , i dont like the external enclosure cuz its made of plastic and the hard drive will get quite hot i noticed it have a fan but still… also couldnt find much info about that i somewhat doubt its an 80mm one , better pick another external enclosure thats aluminium made , also you might wanna consider getting a 2.5inch hard drive & enclosure these are more expensive and youll probably get a smaller capacity hard drive but it does have its obvious advantage. (theres no need for a power cord in a 2.5 ext enclosure… its bus powered+its much smaller…)

Grab the WD solution, unless you really need Firewire (is slightly faster) I’d go for this one which is cheaper and has 70Gb more storage.


I have to use Firewire, It is going on an old work horse computer that has a firewire and 4 USB 1.0 hook ups.

Why do you think the all in one external hard drive is better?

I disagree. Watch for sales. After rebates, I got a Mad Dog enclosure, and a Western Digital 320GB HD for a total of $100.00. Plus I can remove one HD, and add another anytime I want. In fact I have done that. I have three systems, each with two HD’s. I was able to back all 3 up with acronis in one day.

one-peice external hard drives are not better at all than seperate enclosure+hard drive , first of in both cases its the same concept a hard drive in an enclosure (the one-peice externals are not truly one-peice…) , now for the main diffrences

  1. price , the one-peice externals are nearly always more expensive then seperate hard drive+enclosure

  2. warranty , one-peice externals have only 1yr or 2 in rare cases , when you buy the hard drive in seperate you get at least 3yrs (even 5 if you get a seagate)

  3. cooling , ive yet to see a one-peice external with a fan , these may actually extend the hard drive’s life

so all in all , buying in seperate is best

so if I buy an aluminum enclosure, will I be ok the get one with out a fan?

yeah but as alredy said cooling may extend the hard drives life

Personally I would get one with a fan.

The all in one externals are just an enclose and a normal drive. At least that was what my Maxtor One Touch was. You can open them up and change drives if you want.

My One Touch had no fan. I used it for a couple of hours once, and it overheated. The entire file system was corrupted. I cut a hole in the top of the case and installed a 40cm fan, and I’m still using it. After re-formatting of course.

Needless to say, I don’t buy the all-in-one things any more. And I don’t buy enclosures without fans either.

here are all of the newegg enclosures with IEEE and a fan. mot much to pick from. The $70 one are more then I wanted to spend and the other ones gets bad reviews.

How about a suggestion?

i like this one

and its about the only that have an 80mm fan

One last question and I am ready to pull the trigger.

The firewire input on my computer is 6 pin. The input on the listed Enclosure has a 6pin and a 4 pin input.

Can I use either input on the enclosure or is one for the daisy chain thing

What kind of cable do I need 6 to 4 pin or 6 to 6 pin?

you can use either , so basicly youll need a 6-pin to 6-pin or 6-pin to 4-pin cable , eitherway it should work just fine , looking the product images i see that it alredy comes with a firewire cable but its kinda hard to determine which type it is