Downside to ps2 modding?

A co-worker of mine has offered to mod my PS2 for $50(including the mod chip)…would that be considered a good deal? or could I probably find better?

Also, another friend of mine said that if you get your PS2 modded that it becomes more sensitive and can break more easily…is this true?? Are there really any other major downsides to getting a mod chip put into a PS2?

My PS2 was modded last year and is still going fine. I have heard of them breaking down, but it is all down to the skills of the modder. If they know what they are doing, then you will probably move on before it breaks.

About price, sounds about right. I’d be more concerned on his skills instead of price though. If possible, watch him do it.

I don’t know if a mod chip could make them break more than they already do. I have a friend who is on his 3rd PS2, another who is on his 2nd that is starting to die, and another who’s is dead. None of them were abused or anything. They just stopped playing discs.

This is a well known problem with the ps2. Tell them to call Sony and Sony will fix it for free.

Is this only concern with soldered chips? I have a No-Solder chip and swap magic, will it break my PS2? Thanks.

PS2s break whether you put modchips in them or not. Some PS2 units are just more susceptible to breaking for no reason. I don’t know if modchips increase the chance of this happening. However, if Sony finds evidence of you putting a modchip in they will most likely refuse to fix your PS2 for free. If you have had you ps2 for a few years and it hasnt broken yet there should be nothing to worry about though.

Cool. I had the chip put in for about 2 years now, no signs of breaking that I’m aware of.