Downloading videos from camera



I have bought a Lumix camera which i’m sure i will love when i get the hang of using it. I have downloaded the software that comes with the camera but once i get the pics and videos on there i cant seem to do anything else with then… I have tried using a different program to download which the pics come out but the videos just come out as a black screen… I’m wanting to download the videos onto to things like facebook ect but having no luck… If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Oh if you know what the best setting to use when at concerts too please forward it on…


Hi and welcome to Myce

I´m sure we can solve this, but first we need to know a few more details about your system…

What kind of computer are you using, how old is it, what operating system is it using???
Can you watch any movies at all?

I will assume you have a Windows system: Where is the video file that you uploaded from the camera? What type of file is it? …and what happens when you right-click this file?

When you right-click it, normally you should see a menu. Can you find “open with…” ? If so, click this and try to find “Windows Media Player”. Does this work?

If we can get this far, we should be able to help you with the rest. Let us know.