Downloading Unreleased TV Shows over BT safe no longer?

I have been downloading TV Shows for a year or two now. I only download TV Shows that have not yet been released on DVD, otherwise I rent or buy the DVD. However, it seems that lately the MPAA is starting to take an active interest in TV Shows in addition to movies. Several users have received complaints for downloading Stargate Atlantis, Tru Calling and Angel. One show that I am currently downloading ReGenesis - A great Canadian TV mini-series that is not on TV, nor has it been released on DVD. I am I risking getting flagged by the MPAA if I continue to download new episodes of Smallville and (starting soon) Family guy?

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but isnt family guy already out on dvd (i have them all), they only made 3 seasons? i’ve made this argument for ages (also concerning films), over here in the UK it takes forever (and a bit more) for a movie to come out on dvd after its cinema release, sometimes i can’t wait to see the film again. So what do i do about it? Its not in the cinema anymore so i can’t go watch it there again and its not on dvd yet so can’t buy it and watch it. So i could import it but i haven’t got anything thats multi-region so what choices do i have left…well i can download it, with the promise of buying it when it does come out, but if i’m caught then they don’t take that as a good enough excuse, i can only have a copy if i actually own the film…but news flash to them, the film isn’t out yet, its just a stupid system.

bittorrent = very not safe = unsafe

First off, Klitetools is correct in his statement. BitTorrent is public enemy#1 with the MPAA right now, and they are doing their damndest to kill it. Second, no it is not safe to download these television shows as we have just read on our main page, LokiTorrent user logs are being gone over with a fine tooth comb by the MPAA legal lackies. This is an excellent question though, because until now, at least I have not read about television shows being a matter of interest to the MPAA. But they are.

I HOPE that they have the decency to simply send out letters of warning, or make a very public series of statements first, because many many people assume that there is nothing wrong with downloading a “free” broadcast.
Many people do not know this activity is different than making a personal backup and this situation will take them by surprise. It would seem prudent at this time to not clog the court system with suits if this can be controlled through public education with the media. Fair warning is needed.

In the meantime, if I were you I would hold up a while until we can see what action the MPAA is going to take against the LokiTorrent crowd and how the legal system reacts. I am speaking of course to you if you reside in the United States.

BT isn’t any more unsafe than any p2p protocol/app :rolleyes:

Well, as with any illegal activity, there is a risk involved. The thing is, if I were given access to a paysite where I could download missed episodes of any TV Show I would pay for it- except that they would probably be low quality and they would probably implement some crappy DRM. Which is why when it comes down to it, I prefer DVDs.

Due to the success of the Family Guy DVDs, they are going to be airing new episodes sometime this spring.


Family Guy is a prime example of how clueless network tv execs are.

there’s a spinoff that aired after the superbowl too.

It’s called “American Dad”, and it’s made by Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy. I thought it was freaking hilarious, but many have derided it for being a half-assed family guy clone.


cool, i thought family guy got canned because americans didn’t find it funny. i’d also download tv episodes from a legal site provided they were high enough quality, don’t really mind the DRM thing to much.

Its been long time since I’ve downloading video/movie from torrent…
Still very good!
No problem until viruses from bad guys!