Downloading speed

how do i make my bitcomet download faster than what its doing.

  1. Forward your ports.
  2. Forward your ports.
  3. Configure BC to maximize your connection.
  4. Join private trackers, like TB and TL.
  5. Then, disable DHT and enable UPnP.
  6. Move to uTorrent !!!

i see u know what you are talking about. but i have no clue. can u break that down in simple terms for me please

join private trackers huh??? sounds easy yet 1 have atleast a 2:1 share ratio and am still stuck in public trackers

Read this thread, which is kinda similar to the question you asked.

Speed depends on:

  • how fast your connection is
  • does your ISP deliberately limit your bittorrent speed
  • how much you allow your client to upload
  • how much people are actually sharing what you want and how fast
  • is your own firewall / router preventing you from getting what you want

Sometimes you are just snakebit and are actually downloading as fast as you possibly can. Its best to explain your situation in a little more detail if you want some more specific advice.

Joining a private tracke may not be that easy for you. You will have to be invited. And that is only IF there are any slots open. At TL I know it is hard to get in. If you get in make sure to seed you butt off. Private trackers are easy to get banned from. I see it all the time.

Something else you got to look at first is what is your connection speed???

thanks for all the great information. you all have helped a great bit. merry christmas

What connection you got. What speed did they tell you that you have?

just upgraded from 1.5mbps to 7meg :bow: something like 1.5 up not real sure on the specifics but shoulod be plenty :clap:

Well if those are your speeds you should or could reach 896kb down and 192mb up. Your comment before about having a 2:1 ratio may not always be true. I know for a fact at TL you need to maintain a 1:1 ratio. :wink: I havent seen one to where you had to have a ratio like that.

should be able to and can are two totally different thing in 6 mos of 24/7 downloading twice have I reached 700kBps down at all other times i am QUITE pleased with 150kBps as for my share ratio 2:1 was just something i used to maintain for the “sake of the sport” i havesince realized that on public trackers uploading serves no advantages to me