Downloading Real Audio to Wav. Protected? Help!

Hi, not sure if this is the correct Forum but you guys helped me out in the past.
I’m trying to download some music from a website (WWW.ReelHouse.NET) which is in Real Audio format. I can listen to it fine when it streams but when I use the ‘Save Target As’ option (right mouse button) it downloads a tiny file in a second which is obviously not a 45 minute Real Audio file.

What I want to know is how I can download the music to my Hard Drive (so I can then record to CD audio)? The two options that come to mind are to record the PCs output onto a MiniDisc OR to somehow set a record option to my Soundblaster (Platinum) so that it records the file internally as a sample (wav).

Can anyone help? Is there a crack for Real Audio that will let me do this?? Am I being stupid??

Cheers. JK…

OK, no worries if nobody can help. But can anyone recommend a forum or site which could help me?

Well you downloaded a .ram file which is a link (just open it in a text-editor).
for example;
I don’t know what port the pnm service is so you can’t have Getright downloading it. In Real Player it says that "the provider hasn’t granted permission to view the source. If Real Audio have done their work properly it would be difficult to get the file. You could always just record the sound output with software or link the output to the Line-in and record it. Then agian maybe someone else has a better idea?
Good Luck

get Total Recorder 2.2 this program is only a few bucks but will record any sound playing on your sound card as a wave to your hard drive

doesn’t setting to record ‘What U Hear’ solve this ? (tab volume | select recording source of SB Live platinum Creative Launcher)

Thanks. I’ll record ‘What I Hear’ (Is that on the Creative recorder thing?)

It’s just a shame I have to save something which is 16KHz in a WAV which is 44. It will still take up 800Mb even though there’s only 250Mb of ‘good’ data - if you know what I mean. I’ll try and record it and then transfer it digitally to MiniDisk so at least I’m not using up valuable disk space.

Thanks anyway.


> Is that on the Creative recorder thing?

Yeah, I know what you mean. But that’s the way an audio cd is formatted; 16 bits for each channel and a sampling rate of 44.1kHz
A little calculation reveales that you’ll need 10.09368896 megabytes per minute (to be precise).

My Creative Recorder has a small circle in the upper right corner that activates a control panel with capabilities:

Resolution from 8KHz 8-bit Mono to 48KHz 16-bit Stereo.

Volume limiter on/off.

Folder to save recordings.

Monitor on/off

Triangle in upper left selects input including What U Hear. Applications that use sound change this, so check it each time you start up the Recorder.

Speaker-Folder Icon activates a panel.

Directory of selected folder.

A simple player.

Some file-handling capabilities.

Hope that helps, I really like mine.

Monte Haun
Bulls Gap, TN