Downloading problems

Hey- How do I download files using Gozilla, Getright etc. From Juston? I have been on other message boards trying to find out with no luck! can someone help me out? maybe a tutorial is out there?



Well it’s prety simple. Just run the program (Getright etc.)and click, from your browser, the file that you want to download. You must make sure that the progs icon is in your task bar(down right).


for go!zilla: if the file you’re trying to download isn’t in the “catchable files” box, then it won’t be downloaded with go!zilla, no matter what.

so, add the file to the types of files that go!zilla downloads, then try again. i’ve also heard that juston is having some server problems recently, so try again in a few days if it still doesn’t work.

and as you probably know, if you’re trying to download from a warez site, the link could be dead anyways.

I know how to Gozilla, basic stuph. I have been using it for awhile. When I click on the link using Gozilla, I get a 3k html file. When I download using the normal download screen with IE, I downloaded a 10 meg file! I don’t know why… that is my dilema.


ahhh, that’s simple. the site is using an anti-leech script so that nobody can steal their links. there’s nothin you can do about that.