Downloading problem

I am looking for some help. When I try to download some mp3 audio files to my pc, ie Right click save target as, i can’t download the whole file. If it is say 30MB file it may download 4MB of it then say download finished. It won’t let me download the whole file.
Is there some settings somewhere that might have been changed or something?
What could be wrong?
It has never been a problem before.

Have you tried a download manager?
I can imagine your annoyance … especially after you’ve just paid for it.

If you haven’t, then I suggest your re-read the forum rules that you agreed to when you signed up.

I would suggest that this isn’t the problem, but is a symptom of the problem.

You may need to check whether your ISP is throttling your connection … and also check your MTU settings to ensure they are compatible with your ISP … occasionally (but very rarely) they may change the MTU maximum length … if they change service providers. It will often cause cut-outs or connection issues.