Downloading not theft, according to CEO of CEA

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Gary Shapiro, CEO and president of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) urged in speech at an Optical Storage Symposium to have both the content industry and the technology industry to work…

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Another voice of reason exults from the pit of greed and deception… All we neednow is for those senators who would put their wallets before the rights of others, to be cast from that ivory tower and for bill (M$) to give the nod and we will be halfway to winning…:4…:7

pit of greed and deception? Are you referring to those “stealing” music… they’re the greediest folks I’ve seen. Claiming that artists should pay to make music so that they can get it for free… I know that’s not what you meant, but it does sound like the guys on the right track… to a point. Only restricting the copyrighted material at the source… sounds like more copyprotection scheming to me. Which screws the actual consumers, rather than the little thieves. That’s a shame, I like to buy my CD’s…

cant we all just get along :4

Bah, there is no way I’ll ever buy a new CD again. It gives me basically nothing. For example, I can order the Stone Temple Pilot-Core DVD-Audio disk for about $2 more than the CD. What would you do? Of course if I want to listen to a CD, I just borrow it from someone I know (who was crazy enought to buy the POS). Perhaps that will be illegal now as well. F*ck 'em.