Downloading 'myths' challenged

In the online bbc news site an article dated Wednesday July 27th 2005 a non industry sponsored study extract ’ The study found that regular downloaders of unlicensed music spent an average of £5.52 a month on legal digital music.

This compares to just £1.27 spent by other music fans. ’ now the spokesperson from the ‘BPI’ reply was thus 'The BPI (British Phonographic Industry) welcomed the findings but added a note of caution.

“It’s encouraging that many illegal file-sharers are starting to use legal services,” said BPI spokesman Matt Philips.

“But our concern is that file-sharers’ expenditure on music overall is down, a fact borne out by study after study.” ’ Very strange, and contradictory statement to facts as presented by this particular study . Oh well, we pays our money and takes our choices link for this article is here=

And how is that with porno?

What always kills me is that it was a well-known fact that music CDs only cost $1 to burn the CD, put it in a case and wrap it. Yet, since 1990, places have charged up to $20 USD for it, then wonder why people don’t buy CDs. Basically it’s the same with DVDs: it’s the same cost, yet DVDs are selling for $20 regularly and the companies complain. Easiest solution is to stop gouging the consumer, charge a reasonable price and live with a reasonable profit. If all CDs and DVDs were in the $6-7.50 range, that would be reasonable and yet boost sales more than charging what is charged now.

Totally agree , Quma34 ! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

And the money they spend on copy-protection is a serious evidence
of their exaggerated profits !

Why aren’t we allowed to take backup-copies of our music ?

If I buy a book , I don’t want to abuse the copyrights , but I like to
read it again years later and books can sometimes last for centuries !

A book get’s of course worn too , but I expect it to last approximately
a lifetime ; but a CD/DVD may not last more than a decade and if it
gets scratched , can I then go down to the store to get a replacement ?

Because we’re not allowed to make backup-copies and therefore must
use hard-earned money , then the MEDIA-INDUSTRY are actually making
slaves out of customers in this way !

To me , they rank among the MEDICAL- , DRUG- and WEAPON-INDUSTRY !
Their main purposes are to tranquillize , please and suppress people ,
not because the industries are evil or good , but because they gain mega-profit …
… and their mega-profits is undermining the capatalistic structure itself !

One could then ask , what about all the other computer-industries ?
Well , it’s the true capitalistic structure there - just exponentially more
dynamic than we’ve known before , which anyone who’s bought an
expensive graphics card (or other computerparts) know !
The next month there’s another card , who is double as fast (7800 :eek: )
and more advanced for the same price !

Even MS XP is now sold as an cheap OEM-solution ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite a speech , but true … :cool:

Don’t believe these storys…
You will not get more then 20 procent more frames in real games…

They are telling this for more then 20 years.
And only the 3DFX made a difference…