Downloading Music I Own(ed)

If I used to own a number of vinyl albums but they were subsequently damaged (and/or) thrown away or scratched (as happens with poor quality vinyl), am I allowed to download the music from them?

I used to own the music and didn’t give it away to anyone else - all I would want to do would be ‘revive’ music I already paid for and can no longer listen to.

If I can download them, I guess I would need to use a program that would prevent re-sharing (as that would make me a sharer which I gather is illegal - whereas I am told that those who download but don’t share are not breaking any laws). I don’t know - which is why I’m asking - I know very little on the legalities of all this.

I won’t download if it’s illegal (I like to keep things above board) but I don’t want to buy music I own(ed) if I can really help it.


If you just downloaded it quickly, and as soon as you recived the song moving it out of the shared folder then you woulnt be sharing.

The laws change depending on where you live, what country are you from?

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Nope, is the simple answer. We have no legal right to back up here in the UK, and what you would be doing is the same as someone who downloads to save buying.

Good old UK. Rip off Britain at it’s best.

Ah well, at least now iTunes is about it’s not ‘too’ expensive to buy music.

I’ll have to make my list, and price it all up on iTunes. Guess I’ll go without some stuff though which I don’t like 100% if I’m re-buying it.

What other music download stores (legal ones) other than iTunes are there as iTunes may not have everything.


MSN Music is good, at 69p (10p cheaper than iTunes), those 2 are the main download stores.

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I see that MSN Music is cheaper (woo hoo) but only delivers WMA files.

That’s a big bummer for me because I just bought a new iPod which doesn’t support WMA.

If I but music on MSN, can you convert DRM protected WMA’s to MP3?

If you don’t want to do anything illegal as said in your first post, then you would not do that either as that is against the law here as it involves breaking a copyright protection to do it.

I didn’t know that was illegal too. I have an iPod and WMA’s from MSN won’t play on it so I would want to convert to MP3 to play them on it.

If it’s illegal (as most things seem to be) I’ll pay the little extra and buy the songs on iTunes where they come in a format my iPod will play.

Bl**dy shame though. MSN is much cheaper if you buy a lot, which I might end up doing.

If you buy them, burn them to CD with media player, you can rip them back to mp3 so they will play on your iPod quite simply and legaly.

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Thanks everyone

I’m going to make my ‘wanted’ list and price them all up on MSN and iTunes.

bcn, I will have to use that method handy to know.

I would just buy the CDs.