Downloading mp3s



this is probably a moronic question, but ive been wondering about it a lot lately…

are indivuals getting into hot water still from the RIAA and other authorities over downloading mp3s?

ive had one mate (who ive since lost touch with ;/) who got an RIAA Email, or something similiar, about him downloading mp3s and to stop it…

ive heard there are hoax emails floating around, so maybe he got hit with one of those, or maybe it was legit, who knows…

we’re in australia, so im not even sure if the RIAA would have any/much power over here…

ive read some articles that make it sound like the only people that are getting into crap are htose who are sharing out mp3s, and not just downloading, and then not sharing (uploading) them… that true? or could someone get into crap from just downloading them?


I think the RIAA mainly cast their evil eye over the US and UK, not concentrating on over regions, as the US and UK probably download the most MP3 files, not forgeting the germans!

I know that a whole load of fake RIAA emails are around, i even sent one to one of my mates!:bigsmile:

By using a firewall etc you should be protected from these bas*****.



how can using a firewall make a difference?

A firewall just stops incomming attacks, you still send out an IP which can be related back to your ISP which can then be linked to you…


Precisely the function of a firewall.

It doesn’t stop you from being sued and it doesn’t stop your isp from handing over logfiles to the RIAA.

But the RIAA doesn’t have any jurisdiction , except in the US of A. They can only “advise” the local authorities of the “problem” , the rest is FUD


i know that in canada it is legal our judges said whats the difference between tMP3 downloading and photocopying a book so i dunno about you guys but i am downloading away:D