Downloading movies?

I’ve read the forum rules and I don’t THINK this is wrong of me to ask. If it is then delete it. What program should I use to download movies? I’ve tried frost/limewire and I NEVER get a full movie. I waited 5 hours for 4 minutes of a movie last night! Is there a way for me to know whether it’s the full movie or not? Because even when it says “full movie” it’s not! I just read another post here about a guy that downloaded a movie in polish after waiting 26 days!!!

most people here use Bit Torrents to download things :wink:
Utorrent- Which is what i use :wink:
or sometimes i can get it off Ares- even faster

The problem with your question is that it doesn’t tell us whether
you want to

A: obtain a legitimate copy of the movie.


B: want us to help you to obtain a stolen copy.

A is within the forum rules, B is not.

You can understand why some forum members might be suspicious
of your motives. Most of the movies that are distributed via
peer-to-peer file sharing systems are distributed without the
consent of the copyright owner.

Let’s presume innocent until proven guilty for a change…and assume option A is at hand here…

Many people offer downloads through P2P, you cannot always tell upfront whether you are actually downloading what the title says you are downloading. Furthermore, sometimes people are not online as much, so that certain bits and pieces are not offered for download all the time…resulting in a long wait sometimes before you have all the pieces.

Go for uTorrent, a tiny very powerful bittorrent client. :wink:
[B]Note[/B], our forum only promotes legal downloads.

BTW, if it takes 26 days to download a “movie” then you haven’t done your homework. :bigsmile:

there are many public domain movie sites that you can google that may offer movie downloads directly from their page.

otherwise bittorrent is probably your best bet, but you’ll have to use some discretion and trust the page’s description of the torrent. virus scanners are your friend.

ok… So i downloaded u torrent and I keep getting a message saying “unable to map UPnP Port” I also have a question. If it is illegal to download movies and music then why is it ok to use/promote sites or p2p sharing programs?

Why can you advertise guns when killing people is illegal?

The programs itself can have legitimate purposes/uses, but if people decide to use it for illegal purposes it is their responsibility

Another alternative is to d/l from the binary newsgroups. You will get your files as fast as your connection allows. If you have News servers with your ISP try them first, if not you need to pay for a premium news server.
Also as you are downloading only and not uploading a single byte, at least in the UK this is not illegal, even for copyright material.

I wouldn’t try to use that argument in my defence. Downloading of illegally distributed material is just that - illegal.