Downloading movies to DVD's

I downloaded a AVS Video Converter to be able to download movies off my external hard drive to DVD’s but have not been able to do so. Is there another drive I might get to help me do this. I start up downloading and after about 12 minutes, it says it has a problem and shuts down.

Hello toudroot. Welcome to the forums.

That is a rather confusing first post you’ve made. If I am able to interpret it correctly, you have some movies on an external drive that are not currently in dvd-video format. You wish to convert them and [B]burn[/B] them to blank dvd disks. Is this correct?

If this is what you are trying to do, you should look at some free conversion tools that are often times recommended around here. AVStoDVD, FAVC and DVDFlick can convert many different formats into dvd-video, and produce a finished product ready to burn. They can also be set to automatically burn to a disk using a free burning program called ImgBurn.

If you’d prefer a commercial product, ConvertXtoDVD is another popular program around here for the same purpose. I’m not familiar with your AVS Video Converter, but apparently the free version leaves a watermark. ConvertXtoDVD will do the same until you purchase it. The free programs I mentioned above will do an excellent job and have no restrictions.

please follow the instruction above.

Download the “Total video converter 3.03”. this will surely help u to convert the video.

Thanks for the info, I will try those to download the movies to DVD’s