Downloading java for limewire

i payed for limewire pro and after downloading limewire pro i get a message that says unable to load java runtime enviroment please download/install newer version i go to java and try to dwnload and page keeps pinging out now for days.


If that fails, go to and click the first button, “Windows (Manual Installation)” Failing that, try “Windows (Offline Installation)” it will save the install package to your disk, then execute it to install.

my pc wont let me download the java it says “the installer cannot proceed with the current internet connection proxy settings. please check the installiaition notes for more information.” i click retry and still says same. help? its annoyin the Sh!t outta me :frowning:

I had a somewhat similar problem. I saved a java installer to disc I beleive (it was a while ago).

Yep, same here.

I tried installing Java Runtime on my Laptop the other day, it kept crashing when it was trying to launch the installer.


i installed java runtime but i keep getting a message that says i need to install it whenever i try to open limewire

Try these java settings or try contacting the limewire helpdesk for assistance: