Downloading from minidv to xp moviemaker (Canon DC220)



[qanda]This thread is about the Canon DC220. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]what causes blocking or problems with the dv download, on moving pictures, with xp movie maker,[preview set to off,external usb2 hdd as store.2g cpu,800m ram dell computer


What is your anti-virus program. Maybe try turning it off and see if that works but I have no idea as I have a hard drive camcorder and use Nero for my home movies.


It appears that your camera records in mpeg2 format. If you are converting it back to dv-avi, then you will lose some quality (but it should not be enough to make it blocky). You might want to try keeping it mpeg2, and using a good mpeg2 editing/authoring software to do any editing.


O.K.Thanks to those who replied.The problem turned out to be the cable, despite being a new cable, it was not allowing the full signal to pass.Changing cables solved problem completely.No obvious fault visible on cable,so lesson learned.Anybody editing on Linux, and if so, what program do you recommend?Thank you