Downloading From Dvd-r

I want to download video from a dvd-r to reedit, etc. I s this possible?

Yes it is possible. What are you talking about here. Is it a video movie (like Toy Story) where you want to make a personal copy, or is it home video.

What software are you gonna be using to will help.

It is a home video

It is a home video

The tools you need depend on the end product. If you just want to pull clips from it, DVD Shrink can do that. If you want to change audio tracks, add transitions and rearrange clips Womble makes a couple of MPEG editor products. You might also look at Video ReDo. If you want menus and such uLead makes some stuff that may interest you. Most of them have free trials. I use shrink because I’m mostly just cutting commercials.