Downloading flash music?


This has probably been asked lots of times, but I really don’t know what to search in google for.

Anyway, I’m on an artists homepage, and in the flash player thingy, it has a live track not on any albums that I want to download, is there anyway I can download it from the flash player or something so I can just listen in WMP.

I was gonna just record what ever my computer was playing using goldwave (I hope that makes sense) or something, but is there a way to extract it using any program?


I think I just read something over at BetaNews that might address this. You may want to visit and check it out. :slight_smile:

Had a look over there, used the search function to no avail, but i don’t really know the best keywords to put in.


UNH Solutions has a free program for saving Fash:

Or you can try one of these: