Downloading ffdshow

Having problems downloading ffdshow so to be able to use BD-Rebuilder. Every time I choose a new link I get: Publisher could not be verified. Unknown publisher. Thanks for you reply.

Thank you. I’ll give it a run. The site that I was having trouble with is very similar to this one. I can’t say for sure if it is the same one though.

Try the mirror link…

I believe I did try the mirror link and many of the others. Still the same message: Unknown Publisher. Will I did run a couple of them anyway BD-Rebuilder stopped running because of the ffdshow download. I’ll try again. The other necessary programs that were needed to use BD-Rebuilder ran O.K. It was just ffdshow that didn’t.

I tried the mirror link and I didn’t get a unknown pubisher, but, what I did get was:
Win 7: VC-1 is not configured for ffdshow
Win 7: AVC is not configured for ffdshow
Win 7: MPEG-2 is not configured for ffdshow
ffdshow: VC1 is not set to wmv9
ffdshow: MPEG-2 is not is not set to ilbavcodec
[02:50: 52] - Failed video encode, aborted
Do you have any idea what this means. I’m not sure where to go on this. Thank you for your reply. I’ll keep trying!!

I downloaded the mirror link of ffdshow and when I ran BD-Rebuilder I got: BD-Rebuilder Unknown Publisher. I didn’t get that before with a different link of ffdshow. I’ll try, try, try again!! Thanks for your reply.

got it from there ok