Downloading Clone dvd

I first downloaded Clone dvd from Elby. I used the trial period. Then found out that I could get both any dvd and clone from sly. Now that I have purchased both from sly, I can’t get Clone to recognize that I have purchased it. It refers back to xxx amt of days left in my trial period (for elby). I have deleted and re-downloaded, but still no luck. I do not understand what I am doing wrong. I would really appreciated some simplified help! Thanks!!!

You should contact Slysoft about this problem.

                Did you import the Key File ( the one with the Fox and the one with the Sheep ) on it to your Documents Folder? If you did please click on them and make sure the program is closed. Then after you click on the key files reopen the program and they should be registered to you. If not do as the above poster has said and contact [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL].

All is well, I think I just needed a good nights sleep! Thanks for the suggestions, they worked!