Downloading/Burning Movies

I’ve downloaded & burned movies in the past, but the quality hasn’t been so great. So I have a few questions I hope someone can help me out with:

#1. When downloading movies, what is the best free program to use (limewire, bearshare, etc…) ?

#2. What is the best file extension to use when downloading? (ex. mpg, avi, mp4, etc…) ?

#3. After downloading, what is the best program used for converting to DVD format (ex. AVI to DVD)

#4. After converting, what is the best program to actually burn the movie.
(I know sometimes there are programs used to combine steps 3 & 4)

I’m fairly new to all this, so any info will help…thank you!:bow:

#1: Some like usenet, some like kazaa. Some like google. Depends. There is no real “perfect” source.
#2: .AVI can be anything. Extensions don’t say anything about the quality
#3: ConvertXToDVD
#4: ConvertXToDVD can write as well

I’m fairly new to all this

Well, my advice is not to ask too much about things that might be illegal on a public accessible forum…

please reread forum rules. :cop:

sorry fellas. Thanks