Downloading & burning ISO

Hi All & Happy Holidays.
I’m a newbe and this is my first post. I have tryed to find the right place to post my problem but have found it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack so i’m posting here & hopeing for the best.
For years i have used dvd decrypter-shrink 3.0 & Imgtool with an 80% success rate. Lately I’ve had more & more problems. My Son found dvdfab Decrypter and passed it on to me. It downloaded what old decrypter wouldn’t but still not what i wanted. I came to the conclusion must of the trouble croped up durring the shrinking process. Bought dl dvd+r and downloaded in iso read & burned in write useing the old dvd decrypter, Best copy by far & very happy. Then came u-dog and rush hour 3. Found newest update of dvd fab and R H 3 is downloaded. Problem is, downloaded in full disc
and have to shrink to burn it. can’t burn in iso. It’s Christmas time, bills are behind and right now i can’t afford the Gold or Platium which should solve my problem. I saw a freeware that is suppose to convert files to iso while i was looking around but fear that could do the same damage as shrimking and i’m shying away from it. I know that i could download a 30 day free trial of gold/platium but not sure i can afford it in 30 days & i do not like to use free trial software that i know i can’t afford right now. On the other hand i had a video store in my home for ten years back when VHS was king and i paid out $75-$85 for an A title wholesale price and felt totally screwed everytime UPS walked out the front door,so i have no problem sticking it to hollywood and some of the way overpaid actors. I’m open for suggestions and an advanced thank you.:disagree::smiley:

Welcome to CDF, papadoughboy44 :slight_smile:

I’ll move this to the Newbie Forum where you’ll get plenty of help. :slight_smile:

Just to be sure, you say “downloaded”, but you mean ripped (copied to the hard drive) with DVDFab, right?

Hi papadoughboy44,and wc…It’s been a while since I’ve used IMGtool and I loved it…But try DVDfab HD decrypter>shrink, then burn with Imgburn…or burn with IMGtools if you like…
If you Dl’d Fab platinum for 30 days ,there’s no obligation,of course I’m sure you’ll like it so much you’ll purchase it eventually…good luck!..