Downloading 360 games

Hi, i’m a real noob at this sort of thing so i wondered if someone could help me out.

If i download an Xbox 360 game from a Torrent web site, when it’s finished, is it simply a case of opening the file from CloneCd and copying to a dual layer DVD is it much more complicated?

as this is not legal, we can’t help you here

Sorry about that, i was unsure of whether it was legal or not. It won’t happen again. Anyway, i’m sure what i’m about to ask is legal … My Only Fools and Horses DVD’s seems to be getting really scratched and i’d like to make a copy of each of them just for back up, anyway i tried this using CloneCd and Alcohol 120% and it said there was a copyright on them, is there a way round this?

Well you were supposed to read the rules when you signed up. It couldn’t be clearer:

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yes there is, you can try anydvd from (21 day free trial)

if you have to shrink your dvd to fit to a single layer disc you can try dlonedvd, also from slysoft