Downloaded movies +seperate subtitles

I recently downloaded a movie that ended up being in two parts: two seperate .avi files. I have not been able to find a subtitle for the movie that is in two seperate pieces like the .avi files. Is there a way in which i can put the two .avi files together? Or split the .sub into two sections at a specific point?

Don’t know much about subtitles but they got a time code when you open them with an editor so I guess you’ve to fit this time code to the avi file. In my opinion guess this is not the best method as this will take much time as you probably have to edit the time code by hand. Virtualdub can join avi files and I guess there are tons of other apps doing the same job. I just used virtualdub which worked quite well but I don’t know if the subtitle is synchronous to the sound after joining the two files. Maybe you’ve to fix the time offset manually never done that but I guess it’s not an impossible task. Good luck and report your results.