Downloaded images are distorted

Hi, I recently purchased a Canon Pixma IP4200 to print images on to a printable
DVD movie disc. The images downloaded from Google images for movies where all
distorted when using the program supplied by Canon. Existing images on my PC
or with the Canon software are OK. Can anyone give me advice on what I need
to do?


maybe you have mainboard with Nvidia chipset and the Nvidia firewall installed? If so, then remove that firewall, it has a bug, that destroys downloads via FTP.

Also the quality of the source files may be bad due to excessive compression.


Thanks for your advice, methinks the problem is with the software (Pictbridge).
Downloaded another program on trial to test. I can download images from Google
for DVD cases without any problem whatsoever and use the Canon software to print on photo paper. Its just when they are for printing on a DVD printable disc the distortion occurs.


Thanks it was compression, I downloaded a image file (JPEG) & used "The Gimp"
to convert to Windows Bitmap and now the image is OK.