Downloaded films stuttering?

Hi guys!!
I’m new to all this but after i’ve downloaded a film (AVI)
I convert and burn with cucusoft pro v7.07
Using panasonic dvd +RW disks
When i come to play them on my dvd player the sound and picture quality is great but theres a small stutter every second or so’ do i need to adjust anything or is it the software?

Thanks guys

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Most of times playback issues are due to a bad burned disc. Rewritable media have a higher incidence of these problems because of a lower disc quality and also because some standalone players are really picky about media.

I suggest to burn again on a better disc like verbatim, better if not on a rewritable one.

If you watch the disc in the computer and there’s no stutter, then most likely it’s the disc and player compatibility issue due to lower reflectivity. But if it stutters while playing on the computer and after bruning on different disc and still stutters on the computer, then it’s the software/codecs yu are using.