Downloaded film to burn

hi please be gentle im new to this.
i have downloaded a film but cant burn to a dvd using nero7 it keeps coming up with not enough space on disc I’m using 4.7gb it wont let me send to shrink that comes up with either invalid file name or cannot find file name
please help
samantha x :flower:

If the movie is already in a dvd format, the first thing to do is check to see if it will play correctly from the hard drive. You’ll need the correct software to play a dvd on your computer, but if you have the full Nero 7 burning suite, you should have Nero Showtime installed. Or you could use a free player like VLC or Media Player Classic to test the downloaded files.

DVDShrink is fairly picky about correct dvd structure, so there may be something a bit off in your dvd files. Don’t know if that came from a corrupted download process or if it happened beforehand, from the original source.

One thing to try is running it through FixVTS. This will sometimes correct structure problems in dvds. You can download it here: