Downloaded DVD Platinum About 3 Weeks Ago




I Downloaded DVD Platinum And I Was Wondering If It Is Taking Anyone Else Like 3 Hrs To Convert A DVD To An Mpeg For PS3? Am I Doing Something Wrong Or Did I Buy The Wrong Program For What I Want To Do?


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Hi crakhed,

Welcome to the forums for DVDFab… there’s lots of help on these boards and I’m sure people will try to help you with your issue… I’ll try too but am still learning :slight_smile:

I think you’ll need to give alittle more detail on your system/spec and the step’s your taking and then people will be able to give you a better answer.

Please include machine spec/OS/Memory processor/DVD Drive etc…, etc… as this will all help and also which version of Fab your using etc…

A burn log is also good (from Fab) as this will give lots of information on what’s going on etc…

I mainly use DVDFab Platinum to make backups of DVD’s and typically this is around 30mins – start to finish. It does vary a little on the disc/title and how much content but as a general rule I expect about 30mins.

I have used DVD Platinum to make a couple of ‘mobile’ copies (to AVI) to play on my PDA but only once in a while so am probably not best placed to give you most advice about the “mobile” or PSP convertions.

Other than to say DVDFab is a great product and has many, many options – I’m sure it’s a case of tweaking these to get best performance from your system.

Hope that’s helped a little.



I Have A Sony pcv-rs 520

It has a 500 GB Hard Drive With 256 Gb available
512 mb memory w 189 mb free
windows xp home ed. w service 2 pack
intel pent 4 w HT 3.0 ghz
dvd platinum
lg 18x dvd burner gsa h 54l
lg 20x dvd burner gsa h55n
norton 360 software ( all Other programs seem to work fine w 360)

thanks in advance for your help


[QUOTE=crakhed;1996819]I Have A Sony pcv-rs 520

512 mb memory w 189 mb free

Memory? Is that your RAM?

If so, I’d say a least 3hrs sounds about right. I have a slightly faster processor than yours w/ 2GB of RAM. If I have it set to High Quality 2 Pass, it takes just under 2 hours for a 2 hour movie. If it were set for 1 pass it would only take about half that time.

I am using the DVD to mobile PVP setting to convert DVD to 640 x 480 mpeg4.

I have also used CloneDVD mobile with similar results.


Yeah I Meant Ram. Not To Throw Other Companies Name Around But It Only Takes Video Redo About 20 Min Max To Convert With My Same Specs. Here I Thought I Was Making The Right Choice Buying A Program With Everything In One Package. Well Iguess You Live And You Learn


[QUOTE=crakhed;1996969] I Thought I Was Making The Right Choice Buying A Program With Everything In One Package. Well [B]I guess You Live And You Learn[/B][/QUOTE]

If it has only been three weeks then you are still using the trial version RIGHT :smiley:
But DVDFab is still the best program on the market…IMO


No I Was Using The Trail Gold Version And I Saw The PS3 Icon And I Bought The Platinum Because I Really Liked The Gold Version. I Figured If One Program Did It That Quickly Than They All Did.