Downloaded a player prgram, that was a blocking for burning

Hey :confused: well I’ve had this problem a while with my DVD +/- burner RW. I had burned some movies with great success :sad: but I made the mistake in down loading a movie witch installed an internal program (a blue triangle from Walt Disney I believe) which I didn’t’ know was actually a blocking program.

stopped playing movies and it only plays very old types once, had no problem before with the new moves I have reformatted several times nothings works now that I have some time I’d like to try to solve the problem I read some e other complaints but they seem to be dead ends I also used click dvd copy 4.2 and dvd43program but I think I’m just blocked from this programmed any help other then trying to buy I new slim line dvd player for my lab top
how do i undo i tor am i just well you know !!!

downloading a movie

It is ilegal to download movies unless you download it from a legal web site and pay for it. So what did you do?