Download WinOnCD 6 Personal Edition for free - and learn some German

I just posted the article Download WinOnCD 6 Personal Edition for free - and learn some German.

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Howdy partners, my installation says that the available languages are english and german. If WinOnCD should start with the german interface (don’t know if this could happen) you can change it to english under “Optionen/Einstellungen/Einstellungen/Sprache”. And you can update the free PowerEdition to the latest Servicepack 6.03. Get it here: (This page is german as well, scroll down and search for: WinOnCD 6 Power / DVD Edition: - Servicepack 6.03 and click the link. Best Regards (w00t, I made it on the main page :B)
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Why the HELL would anybody want to download this CRAP anyways - I wouldn’t even if you paid me to download it, and nobody should, avoid JUNKware :slight_smile:

Did you actually try it? WinOnCD was once one of the most popular burning applications and is different from e.g. Easy Media Creator. WinOnCD was developed by the German company CeQuadrat and bought by Adaptec back in the days. Your comments are so harsh that I really hope you can back them up.

You can change the language to english using the options menu then the preferences tab. Language support is either english or deutsch (german).

i agree with dominator: i still remember those times when winoncd 3 was THE burning software – until nero showed up ;). i just d/l’ed WonCD and will see how “old” it is…


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