Download the MUSIC!

so all new cds have the copy protection thing, how do we get rid of that when we try to play freshly downloaded music on our pcs and if in some freaky event we try to burn it. thank u dear comrades for all ur input…

Freshly downloaded music will not have copy protection.

Unless it’s WMA, of which you downloaded from a site and it says that you can only burn it (x) amount of times… And that’d be with Windows Media Player

ok, but when the music is downloaded it doesn’t wanna play it will either have the wierd backgrond noise, or it’ll get stretched out to x amount of minutes without playing or it just won’t burn on the cd-R, we need to know the truth plz help us!

Either your file is currupted or you haven’t got the correct codec

just install any dvd and you can rip any audio cd…

Jesus H. Christ!

He/she is talking about the corrupted fake songs on Kazaa.


:rolleyes: hay…
thats messed up. A friend of mine told me that same crap about funny noises in the back round and some high piched noise too, he said he got the music from I mesh. i thought he was just not doing something right.

Yep, the file you downloaded isn’t a real file. The RIAA has been posting up a slew of “fake files” under popular music artists’ names, as a lure/diterrent from illegal downloaders. If I were you, I’d delete the file you downloaded and move on.

How does the RIAA decide who’s music files should be faked? Someone should post a list so that any artist that they didn’t cover can sue the RIAA for descrimination.

They might make deals with the record companies… And I don’t think they have a problem against the anti-piracy :wink:

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There was a special on tv about how all these ppl sit around at terminals and connect p2p and nab good files to corrupt then redistribute… If the download is really fast…you can bet it’s fake. They will usually be in abundance with the exact title on them. I quit using it a long time ago.

I use Limewire now, but I don’t understand why people don’t use bit torrents…or irc… That stuff will never die… :bigsmile:

Yeah… this happens a lot… My girlfriends Uncle “acquired” Star Wars Episode 3 at a speed of 1.5MB/s on a 2Mbps connection…

Needless to say it didn’t work :slight_smile: