Download Speeds Slowdown

Hey guys! Currently using newsbin to dl, but during “peak times” find the connection slows down to about half speed it should be. Is there any sneaky tips or ways to increase my speed other than dl during night?? Cheers for any help!

There are programs supposely to speed downloads free and paid out there. But first off what kinda connection do you have to the net? Peak time will always be busy to get on net and download from the net. Night time is the best time depending on where your downloading the news from-it’s that it has to be night time at their time zone for you to have best download results and not your night zone.

I think it has to do with the server you are downloading from and the amount of traffic going there. In addition to that a contributing factor is also the network that is used. If most people use the same network its bound to slow down during the day.

2mb broadband, running off ntl server. Strangely, the dl speed always seems to drop to half of what it should be, 100kb/s or less. It is initially ok for the first hour or so then drops.

Is that Cable? Network traffic is unpredictable during anytime of the day or night and also depends on where the server is and its’ bandwidth and traffic to and from it. So how big is the file that your downloading makes a difference in the speed as well…cause it probably is leveling out for downloading speed matching the condition of the traffic over the broadband. There is a limited amount of bandwidth and everyone has access besides just one person. Fiber on the other hand is a different matter…but I am guessing you have cable modem???

Yeah cable modem. I guess i’ll just have to deal with it. Thanks for yor reply!

np, I have dsl but I used cable and it’s fast and quick but when you get on peak or the server is busy your download speed suffers as well… but fiber on the other hand I wish I have but I do have to my house but the ISP company haven’t announced they are using it but I do have fiber to my house. But if you can get fiber to you house I say go for it…it beats any kinda of boardbands hands down…unless your location limits your type of boardband then your choose are few and far…

If you download between 4.00pm and midnight and the amount you download goes over certain limits, your speed is capped.
They term it ‘Traffic Shaping’.
For more details visit the NTL, now re-branded as Virgin, web site.

Wow, something new for me there…what about after midnight til 6 am? If you want to k3lly just wait til after midnight if your still awake then and do your download that should in theory make your DL faster but I could be mistaken. Give that a run and see how your DL is affect compare to peak hours…

Yep, I’m with Virgin and can confirm that (though I can’t say I’ve been personally affected by it).

Edit: See here :wink:

Cheers for all yr replies!

Yes, try to go top right where servers tab
at the bottom right click goto properties
advanced tab
where it says max server connection
I believe it defaults to (2) try to change it to 5 this may speed things up dont exceed 9
hope this helps…ENJOY!!!

Maybe you want to double check the posted date was back in sept 2007.