Download speed

Just out of curiosity:

Whats the fastest download speed you’ve had at peek performance?

What connection were you running?

I was at a school with a t3 and the peek on a 12mb download was 989kilobytes per second. This was a p2 w/ 32mb ram and win98

Whoohoo! On my 56K I got 6.3KB once! (AthlonXP 1700+ 512MB RAM).

On my cable connection once I got about 3MB/sec for about a couple of minutes (no joke!) but now that people are starting to move into my newly-built neighborhood, I don’t get it that fast anymore :frowning: .

And then in my dad’s workplace (I think they had DS-3) I got about 4MB/sec avg downloading RealPlayer Full (it was overtime and a lot of people had gone home.). But I still get excited to see a 56K get to 6KB/sec :bigsmile:

i don’t know how its possible but i was downloading something on my 56k it was like a 200mb file but anyway it got up to 73kilobytes per second

Maximum download I once had was a couple of years ago, geting at 8.89 Mbit/s

This was at the university after office hours…those were the days…

Now I have a peak of 175 KByte a second, on cable. This was a while back, haven’t downloaded much lately…

I got a blazing 5.8 kilobytes on my 56k :frowning:

Yeah, occasionaly you can get impossible speeds on a 56K but it is mostly because of inaccurate calculations.

Could’ve been 73 Kilobits/sec. 73/8 = ~9 Kilobytes/sec (still impossible on 56K!)

couple of weeks ago i was on a 56k dial up service i was getting dl speeds of 5.8kb/s

now i have adsl 512k i get dl speeds from 20kb/s to 58kb/s depending on where i dl from once it said downloading at 93kb/s:bow:

At home the fastest I had since i got DSL two days ago was 90 KB/s continuosly, at university it was about 500 KB/s.


Cable in Holland (from Essent :p) => anywhere between 70KB/s to 500KB/s

5kb/s via modem
70kb/s via adsl
7mb/s via lan (double nic)

I average 1.5 megabits, but it can sometimes jump as high as 5 or 6.

ok, i know like you that what i’m gonna tell you is definitely impossible, but…
i was downloading ‘something’ with winmx 3 beta (actually it was a m***e ^__^), and i reached 20 k/s on my 56k!!! and this for more than a whole hour!!! now you’re thinking “ok, nice joke, arsehole…”, and i wasn’t believing it myself, until i checked the downloaded shit: more than 150 meg in less than 2 hourz!! howtf could this has been possible???

never happened again… sigh :wink:

Actually this is possible when you connect your V92 modem to exactly the same engineered V92 modem with both at optimum configurations. Something to do with multiple signals on the existing copper wires and some enhancements. It’s been a while but i believe USRobotics and Tron were experimenting with that.

i didnt actually achieve it, but i saw a 700 mb avi transferred in just under 5 minutes. ethernet = awesome :slight_smile:

actually i’m on a v.90, non a v.92… which is deifinitely NON an ethernet connection :slight_smile:

i recently got cable and i’ve done some bandwidth tests on various sites. I did these tests at prime usage time. They all said my connection was above average for the US.

I live in Oklahoma. I love my connection

Here’s a copy of one of my adsl tests from

I’m on Bell Canada’s Sympatico ADSL Service:

Test run on: 21 Dec 2000 @ 12:05pm
Your download speed : 967720 bps, or 967 kbps.
Browsers would show : about a 118.1 k/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 134907 bps, or 134 kbps.

As you can see, good download, horrible upload speed, and that was @ noon hour! It’s the same 24 hours a day.

Here’s a copy of a test I just ran. Win2K Pro, no tweaks:

2002-06-16 21:48:51 EST: 912 / 136
Your download speed : 912319 bps, or 912 kbps.
A 111.3 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 136775 bps, or 136 kbps.

I’ve had downloads as high as 125 KB/s (sustained) from Microsoft & Creative Labs.

Fastet I ever got at home on my 512K ADSL is 62Kbyte per sec

Faster at work (which is 100Mbit) I got just over 3Mbyte per sec :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Just tried the test from dslreports and got a 3558 kbps, June 21st 2002. Am on shaw cable here in canada.
WinXP no tweaks

From dslreports:
2002-06-22 16:52:29 EST: 2374 / 2296
Your download speed : 2374125 bps, or 2374 kbps.
A 289.8 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 2296211 bps, or 2296 kbps.
Seems like broadband … above the 1mbit barrier!