Download speed math

How do i figure it out? I know there is a difference between MB & mb and etc.

Say someone has a 1meg download speed what would that be formula wise?

MB = MegaByte
Mb = Megabit

8 bits in a byte

So, if you are downloading at “56 Kb/s”, then divide that by 8 and you’ll get the kilobytes per second, which is “7 KB/s”

Over here, we just got some new DSL that allows us to get 8000 Kb/s… which is one megabyte a second (the fastest).

Get it now?

1 MB = 1,024 Mb
However, a lot of people “assume” that 1 MB = 1,000 Mb…which explains the “loss” of space on harddisks etc.

Got it thank you.

I thougt it was 1024b=1kb and 1024kb=1024mb and so on