Download South Park

Can anyone tell me how can I download my favorite tv show South Park from
I know you can give me some good recommendations as you talk here about many software. But thought I’d like to get a good one, which mainly gives a good quality of the files.
Now, I’m watching them online, but it’d be perfect if I could have them on my pc for later playback or travelling.
Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you use Firefox, there is an extension that can help you

Nice being here with you.
I have Firefox but I don’t use it, prefer IE. However, I installed the extension u suggested it to me but unfortunately couldn’t get the movies cause they are some encrypted files and couldn’t be downloaded with that extension.
Anyway, thanks for ur suggestion, still looking for another way. :wink:

Try Miro:

Or try Tunebite, the newest version can capture the image while playing the movie. Indeed, the encrypted files cannot be downloaded with some common software but with some screen capturing software. You should try this software, it captures the movie while you’re watching it or have another thing to do. I use it for a long time and now I’ve updated it and I find it very useful cause thanks to it don’t need any other software again, converts audio/video files, downloads a lot of music and movies. :smiley: