Download Problem



Another one. Now when I try to download any file not from a disk, I get the following:
The Signature of setup(download file).exe is corrupt or in valid. I had this once before and the fix was to go to Internet Options, Advanced and scroll to “Allow invalid files”, did not work. Need help again. BTW I am running Win 8.1, Dell XPS 8700 .i7, 1T HDD, 16 Ram T.I.A.


Any file? If you download a JPEG you get an error as well? Or only for EXE files? What browser do you use?


[QUOTE=Tsbcqbzz88;2769362]i strongly advise against fixing setup download errors manually . doing so could take several hours, do more harm than good, and end up not even resolving the underlying problem.

1 try a different internet browser like firefox.
2 look for spyware and malware on your computer.[/QUOTE]

Good advice. It can be caused by other faults as well.
3.disk errors. (Try running “chkdsk C:” without the quotes from the ‘Command Prompt’)
4.wrong/faulty storage drivers
5.faulty storage controller
… francisK’s request for information is interesting as to how to commence, but since none was provided, my guess is that the trouble either fixed it self or by the help of a friend.

Threads like this would have been more generally helpful if the thread starter would update it with the solution and not leave the thread with no conclusion.
This would better help others in the same situation who surf by the thread from a search on the net. Then again, the incentive for doing so is lower for the one requesting help as his trouble is gone… which is why I replied with a few more general tips.

By the way, welcome to the forum Tsbcqbzz88, great to have you here :flower:


Thanks for the great advice, up and running well.