Download problem?

Hey Everybody, I downloaded the trial and ripped one backup copy now it says I used up the trial? Help:confused::confused:

[QUOTE=swampwizard;2547039]Hey Everybody, I downloaded the trial and ripped one backup copy now it says I used up the trial? Help:confused::confused:[/QUOTE]

That means you had a previous version on you computer already…that was a Anydvd version. Now you are left with buying Anydvd and getting the license to register the software.

HI-12:15pm EDT
I 've been able to simply install OVER any oprevious version on any-d. Now, I get the same as swampwizard . Ok so I opened ‘regedit’ and deleated all the referances to any-d I could find, rebooted & still get 'I used up the trial" curse.
There has to be a way , short of reformatting my HD, to be able to have a clean instal that works, of course. Thanks, D

Hopefully, I pray, someone has the answer for a frech install on ANY-D as well as my dilemma i posted earlier:
Hi All, As I’m still reading the "blogs’ here may I include my 2cents please: Got IM2 & started rip @ 11am yesterday using AnyDVD 6__90; it got to 99% (after almost 2 HOURS) STOPPED–i CLICKEED on it and POOF in went into ABORT mode and ALL the files vanished. tried again-same damn result (it gets better…) now it’s like 5PM & I’m steaming. YES, I tried Fabdvd 1st to NO AVAIL. Ahh lite goes on–i finally find a ver6700 of anyDVD–load it into my flashdrive–install on my Laptop (only 1GB RAM, 2.00Mhg but it’s worked welll for 4 years).
ANY D installs well & begins to rip UM2- I end up w/ a 6.68GB dir–ok it’s like 12AM NOW–I start Fab7.0 & burn the DVD, NOT ONE–BUT 2 !!! Why shouldn’t I…It’s ALWAYS WORKED B-4. Lol. I awake @ 4am, pop into my samsungBD player and-beauifull colors—OPENING THEME–THEN…NO damn AUDIO !!! Both DVDs r coasters !!
***My question (besides the obvious what the hell ? is…HOW TO DO DELETE ANY & ALL evidence of anyDVD having been on my desktop ?? Everytime I try to install the demo 6700vwer–I get :"your trial is over."
When i installed the ver6700 OVER my previous “owned” version 6990–it didn;t recognize it. I installed (as always) any new programs while DISconnected from the net to avoid 'crosstalk.'
I’ve lost too much sleep over this. . .your help is MOST APPRECIATED and needed. FYI: My desktop is an HP Media center w/8GB RAM & the dreaded Vista-64 OS. Hope that info helps in a work-around thanks again my new friends.

p.s. 11:50am EDT: I forgot to add: I did NOT wait the 30min as suggested here for DVDFab to work. 2) that after the initial any-d6700 rip I proofed the video files -they all contained the movie’s AUDIO ! i USED Fab to burn and NOTHING but the director’s cut audio was present !! I explicidly checked ALL AUDIO settings so as not to miss a trick. I got AUDIO in the intro–the music on the setup screen–nothing once the movie started (on the 2 DVDs) and only, not to be redundant, the director’s comments. Is the BD version of IM2 this difficult as well ???
Thanks for your help folks ( I won;t just say guys 'cause I’m sure there must be a few female hobbiests here).
please excuse my lousey spelling, I’ve been working on plugging leaks from the constant monsoonal rains we’re having and i can’t spell anyway. :slight_smile: Ciao, Don

I would tell you how to stop getting the 'your trial is over" but the mods would probably ban me! Oh, what the heck I’ll tell you anyway… Buy the program with life time FREE updates. It is well worth the money!!! :bigsmile: :a


Software piracy is not to be discussed here as I have advised in the other thread you posted to.

Posting the same message in different thread is cross posting which is also not permitted here.

Bear this in mind in future please.

[B]Wombler[/B] :cop:

Wombler, I’m not trying to pirate anything. One burn and that’s it. Once is not enough to try this software. All I did was to ask why…:a


Womblers statement was directed at dont811 not you.

As for your problem the last i checked anydvd is a 30 day trial , have you had it longer than 30 days on your computer?

Did someone else have it on the computer you have now?

[QUOTE=swampwizard;2547310]Wombler, I’m not trying to pirate anything. One burn and that’s it. Once is not enough to try this software. All I did was to ask why…:a[/QUOTE]

swampwizard, as bean55 quite correctly points out, that warning wasn’t directed at yourself but at another user seeking to override the trial limitation [U]after[/U] the 30 days have expired.

Your problem is different in that you haven’t been able to properly use the trial which is why I’ve so far allowed this thread to remain open.

I don’t however want discussions straying into how to illegally override AnyDVD’s normal trial restrictions though which is why I’d posted the warning.

It looks like it might be difficult though for anyone to solve your problem and stay within forum rules so it may be the case that you’re more likely to get the information you need by contacting SlySoft directly.

Please feel free to PM me if you’ve any further queries regarding this though.