Download off Web Sites(HELP)

I live on campus, and my schools internet access blocks its users from using p2p softwares(such as ares, bear share, lime wire) … does anyone know web pages that i can download mp3/movies straight off of … or does anyone know a ftp address(user and password too) that i can use to download mp3/movies off of … or if u live on campus and have the same problem, but found a way to get past it, tell me…

Well not free, there arnt many good websites for MP3/Movie download. Chances are that your school has just blocked ports 6881-6889 (default p2p ports) so if you change this in the P2P’s settings to something else (high like 51234) it might work. keep it under 60,000 though.

We are not allowed to discuss or point people to FTP sites or even web pages when they are asking for illegal downloads, such as movies. I have a feeling this is what you are doing as you are unable to use P2P software at your school. You are new here so I ask that you please take a moment and read our forum rules. :cop: