Download NERO v5.0 NOW! only here



I just posted the article Download NERO v5.0 NOW! only here….

Submitted by: CrazyWolf

Nero v5.0 was released at 10:20am but is not yet linked from the website. You can however download it by following link (5033984…

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What excatly is so great about Nero 5.0 ?
BTW : Slow Connection on above link I wonder why…


Thanx for the link, is was searching it for a long time. I was also searching on, I thought that the version of nero already was putted on this ftp. Tanx for the link, it looks a great prgram with the new feature’s



Kosh, the greatthings about Nero 5.0, you can see here.


My connection is also slow, 5,29 kb p/s and if havea cable modem, strange huh?


Can anyone put the version on a mirror - the server from ahead is too busy . I can´t load it



What’s slow, i’ve downloaded at 307kB/sec
4.8Mb in 16sec

:slight_smile: Nice to have a good cable connection


Anybody got a working serial yet?


What is the serial for this version???


try french mirror :


naaaaaah it ain’t that slow,
i’ve only got a crappy non-cable modem and i’m still getting 4.5 kbps




There is already a crack released, by a group called DEMON. it works fine.


Anyone considered PURCHASING a serial number from Ahead software? Its only US$49, about £28, and well worth the cash.


The crack is at


Download the Crack:



working serial:




#19]Here’s another link!
(or]this one!)


Badly Need A Serial…have tha 4.7 orig…but cant use that serial anymore !!!
can’t live without nero !!!

PEace out.

PS.This site Rockz !!