Download N0AD for GSA-4120B bitsetting to DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD+R DL

For better or worse. The firmware N0AD is for test purposes only. LG does not take any responsbility for anythat that happens to the drive or PC with flashing to N0AD or any other unofficial firmware version. Of coruse, it makes the waranty void as well but that should not be a problem if you got the drive from a source without warranty at all. In South Korea, I recommend people to buy GSA-4120B for 126,000 Won instead of the retail version for 50% more. LG does not provide any kind of support for the cheaper GSA-4120B because they didn’t want them to be sold to South Koreans. If you bought an optical drive or even a hard disk drive or CPU for lower-than-retail prices, it’s likely that they were distributed in less official ways, sometimes illegally or illegitamely or whatever you want to call it.

Please post your results with firmware N0AD so that otehrs can make better decisions. Also, please let everyone else know whether there are better firmware tan N0AD.


Don’t tell me to remove it. Do a better job first.

@CDFreaks, CDRLabs,

There was no agreement or warning about the use of N0AD during the field testing from April to May in South Korea of whatever kind I am aware of. What LG and Samsung have called illegal is often the best and morally correct thing to do.

Wow :eek:

I admire your courage. :slight_smile:

I think I saw N0AD several days ago, posted for download at … region-freed version.

ive been using noad for some time now…got it a while back before they removed it. how does it compare to A102? is there much difference other than bitsetting?

At least, test results with N0AD proved very good. Unless LG tells us what’s improved with A102, I have no plan to switch to A102.

Now, since code65536 told me, I’d better use N0AD from TDB. Just downloaded it. :slight_smile:


I got N0AD from and flashed my 4120B but no chance to test it at all. It crashes my winxp and it reboots immediately when I try to access the dvd writer. I have flashed it back to A102 after a couple of trials. Any idea, please!


I don’t know what happened to your drive. Try a different setup which might work. There are so many things that contribute to troubles in Windows XP and various hardware drivers, I usually find it less time-consuming to apply another approach than to locate the cause. For instance, my new external cases with IDE to 1394/USB bridge sometimes cause both of my PCs running on this desktop to crash but that does not happen sometimes when I use only USB or turn on the power before booting into Windows XP. Quite annoying when the last thing I’d like to see happen with my PC is long and frequent rebootings.

So far so good for N0AD. No problems. One thing I have noticed is that it might be older than A101 or at the very least it drops support for 12x with RICOHJPNR02 (rated 8x) media (A101 and A102 allow it to burn at 12x). Will keep testing.

Are you sure N0AD does not support 12x writing for ricohjpnr02 media? N0AD is not older than A101 as far as I know. You know, N0AD was sent directly from the LG lab. It doesn’t take weeks for that. For A101 and other firmware versions to be incorporated into actual production models, it takes a lot because of various processes to be done which is usually why you can’t buy a retail drive with parts and firmware developed right yesterday. Most firmware released to the public were actually written at least weeks ago.


All tests there were done with test versions like N0AD that never made available to the public and not officially supported by LG. I’m not sure why your drive with N0AD gave up the 12x writing support for ricohjpnr02 but it works well with my ricohjpnr02 and TY 8x DVD+R disks.

Anyway, I don’t need the bitsetting at this moment, so I wouldn’t take more trials on N0AD. Thanks.

You are prolly right. I was just commenting on my initial finding (and thoughts) of N0AD so far. I’ve only done 3 burns of RICOHJPNR02 media so far at 8x. The media only came up for write stragies as 8x and burned at 8x (whereas it could be seen and actually burn at 12x with other firmwares).

I can’t make a sweeping statement that all 12x isn’t supported, but only seems to have dropped 12x support for my Ritek RICOHJPNR02 media.

So far im quite happy with the results of N0AD and will continue using it. I haven’t got any complaints so far. Forgive if my “thoughts” and early experiences with N0AD aren’t 100% correct. Just feeling my way through it and giving others a real time experience :wink:

N0AD or not, I’ve been thinking about having one more GSA-4120B but that could be a 16x successor instead of another 4120B. A future LG DVD writer will have specfications like this:

16x DVD+R
16x DVD-R
52x CD-R
32x CD-RW
52x CD-ROM
16MB Buffer

I hope it won’t be too long.

That would be one mean burner, but wonder how long? I will stick to LG 4120B until i see Bluray, which is still some time away. The other speed increases are ok, but im not buing another burner for them! (we can only hope to get a firmware update :P)

is this something you hope for or is this something you know about? and future means? 1 year or 3 months?

i would say that is a DREAMed writer lah…

I think only 16x DVD-RAM and 8x DVD+R/-R DL really are worth waiting for, at least for those who still have patience to wait for some more DVD writers. I’m not sure if 8x DVD DL is possible at all, but perhaps 6x and somewhere between 6x and 8x might be possible. 16x DVD-RAM was already announced to appear sometime in 2005, perhaps in the early quarter of 2005 I hope.

I don’t know any details about future LG models but most CD writer manufacturers sooner or later released very high-end CD writers including 16x DVD-RAM read, 52x CD-R write, 32x CD-RW write, 52x CD-ROM read. One thing strange about LG is that they have been silent about their 16x models, when they are the very largest DVD writer and CD writer manufacturer in the world. We all knew 12x was something like 10x CD-R writers, to be forgotten very soon. It’ll be 16x writers like 52x CD-R writers and 16x DVD-ROM drives that will dominate the DVD writer market for a few years.

The only thing that can make a very large number of people to upgrade from their 8x and 12x DVD writers is 4x to 8x DVD DL recordables I think. 16x DVD SL is not good enough to justify the replacement with added cost. First, 4x DL and 16x DVD+R drives will come in the third quarter. Later in the fourth quarter, maybe 6x DL and 52x CD-R with SATA interface. The only real reason for all this is that people like the number 16 because they know it’s final, the last digit for DVD writing.

Hmmmm, I wonder where to get a drive that reads DVD-RAM that fast… My JLMS 166s reads them at nominal write speed, i.e. a 2x DVD-RAM can only be read at 2x, 3x DVD-RAM at 3x, and so on :frowning:



Hmm, i think you should look at Panasonic (Matsushita OEM) and Toshiba DVD drives. Don’t know any models by heart but your best bet is there. I don’t know about LG drives as my 4040B reads them at their respective speed : 2x, 3X etc…


I this thing comes out I will buy it immediately. :bow: :bow:

@ Kenshin, can you info left and right at your sources to see if this thing is coming and when we can expect it (or any other new triple burner from LG)?


Could you please tell your pals over at LG that any DVD+R DL discs burnt with official LG4120 firmware (eg A101 and A102) cannot be read in my LG set top DVD player - model number DV7711P (fairly recent too).

Please embarrass them, so that official bitsetting firmware is released.

Life is ironic isn’t it.